ZonesSOW Areas
The CSI SeaPort-e Team
         Past Experience
Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5Zone 6Zone 73.1 RandD Support3.2 Engineering Support3.3 Modeling3.4 Prototyping3.5 System Des Doc/Tech Data3.6 Software3.7 RMandA3.8 HF Engineering Support3.9 System Safety3.10 CM Support3.11 QA Support3.12 IS   IA   IT3.13 Ship Inactivation/Disposal3.14 Interoperability   T&E    Trials3.15 Measure Facilities   Ranges3.16 Acquisition Logistics3.17 Supply & Provisioning3.18 Training3.19 In-Service Eng3.20 Program Support3.21 Administrative Support3.22 Public Affairs
Coalition Solutions Integrated, Inc. XXXXXXX XX XX   XXX   X X XX 
N66032-94-D0012 FSN1020 X                        X  
N00164-03-D-0013, TO 0134    X                 X X    
Aurotech Inc. X         X                 
FTC-07-H-7040 X         XX   XXX          
C&S Diversified Solutions, Inc. X                           
Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc.X          X                 
DASW01-03-D-0024 X          X                 
 HQ0006-03-C-0049  X     X X                   
GS-23F-0382K X          X     X   XXXXXX 
GST0404DE0060, 4TEG21047350/AS01  X     X X XX  X X   X      
DASG-62-99-D-0005     COS-00-S-010     XXX    X           X  X 
SB1341-01-C-0064      XXX  X                 
N00024-00-C-5136 X              XX    XX  XX 
N00024-01-F-2305 X     XX  X XX XX      X XX 
N00024-97-C-4155 X     XX  X X  XX    XXXXXX 
N00024-99-D-4054X      XX  X X   X    X X XX 
General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc.XXXXXX XXX XXX X X      XXXX 
N66604-00-D-151BX      X                     
N00178-01-C-3012 X         XX  X             
N00189-03-R-0004  X     X   X            XXX 
N61331-01-D-0018   X       XX  X        XX X 
N66604-02-D-1778    X    X                   
N63394-97-D-1115     X  X  X X   X       XXX 
GMG Management Consulting Inc X                           
Intergraph Solutions GroupXX X  X    X      X     X    
TIA 2000-0225 & 926X                       X    
N66032-94-D-0012 DO 1278,1328 X                X          
N66032-91-D-0003   X       X                 
N66032-91-D-0003 DO 2212      X                 X    
KMS Enterprises, Incorporated X X    X             X X  X 
N61331-01-D-0020   X    X                    
04-04-PO-34199 X                    X X  X 
MCR Federal LLC X     X                  X  
N00421-98-A-1362 X     X                  X  
M67854-02-A-9002 X     X                  X  
Metters Industries, Inc. X XX      XX   XXX   X X XXX
GS-35F-4184D X         XX   XXX   X X X  
N00174-99-D-0066   X        X   XX      X X  
N61339-01-D-0721   X                        X
DAAB07-00-D-252    X      XX    XX        X 
National Technologies Associates XXXXX                       
Naval Systems, Inc. XX                          
New Directions Technologies     X   X  X   X X  X  X XX 
N68939-97-D-0003     X   X           X       
N63394-03-P-0206     X      X             XX 
N68936-03-C-0030     X          X       X    
N00024-00-D-6000     X            X          
PRICE Systems, LLCXX                                       
Science Applications International Corporation X X X X X X X X   X X X X       X X X   X X X X X X X    
AMSEC, N00178-00-D-2002   X                             X   X           X        
AMSEC, N00024-02-C-2905     X                           X           X X          
AMSEC, N00189-98-D-0066       X                         X                 X      
SAIC, N00164-03-0007         X             X                       X X   X    
SAIC, N66001-03-D-5006           X                         X                    
SAIC, GS09K99BHD0010             X X   X X   X         X     X X         X    
Wyle Laboratories, Inc.   X       X   X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
N00421-02-D-3181   X           X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
N00421-00-D-0126   X           X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
N68936-00-D-0068           X   X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X