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Quality Assurance

The CSI Team’s Quality Assurance approach is to build off our current internal procedures concentrating on continuous reviews with the government, peer reviews within the CSI Team and phased delivery of required products thus ensuring complete and full performance with a product acceptable to customers.

The internal quality assurance program is the primary method by which we ensure complete and full performance with a product acceptable to customers. CSI has a fully mature quality assurance program which will facilitate and ensure quality control over all support and deliverables. Quality Assurance is a responsibility of everyone in CSI and our Team Members. The participation, at all levels of management, including both mid-level and senior level managers, in the multi-level quality assurance process, ensures complete and full performance and acceptability by our customers thus ensuring delivery and task performance are in accordance with contract requirements. Some of the primary characteristics of our system are:

  • • Vetting the progress with the appropriate customer representatives to ensure customer service and satisfaction and
    • Focusing on the quality control of each step thereby identifying problems in quality and content prior to moving to the next step and
    • The multilevel management quality reviews of key outputs of each step and the final QA process that the deliverables are subjected to and
    • Tracking of the man-hours expended on each step against the plan to ensure the product/service is developed and delivered within cost and schedule

It is the policy of CSI that “Quality is the responsibility of every employee and our Team Members. We are committed to quality and continuous process improvements to ensure customer satisfaction.”

CSI implements our QAP through process and procedures that have been validated on numerous CSI as well as other commercial and government activities. Implementation will be achieved through tailoring the QAP to the particular characteristics of each contract requirement. The starting point for that tailoring is the key requirements below. CSI requires:

    • • That all levels of staff in the CSI and its Team Members personnel are trained in quality assurance processes and procedures, are measured for performance and compliance, and are effective in preparing reports and documentation that meet the performance and acceptability of our customers,
      • That all CSI and its Team Members personnel read the QAP and certify that they understand and will comply with the requirements,
      • That process reviews and audits within CSI and with of each of our Team Members be conducted,
      • That, as a result of the Quality Assurance Program, the revised and new business process be identified and implemented, and
      • That quality standards and criteria be established, i.e:

- Accuracy a qualitative assessment of freedom from error with a high assessment to deliver a minute error rate
- Completeness degree to which values are present and compliant with attribute which require them
- Consistency measure of the degree to which a product/services satisfies contractual constraints
- Timeliness currency of supporting data gathered or produced within established timeframe.
- Validity quality measure of data against an established system of classification compelling acceptance

The CSI Team makes a commitment to every customer to deliver a quality product, improve its quality assurance process continuously, and conduct continuous reviews with the government. Also, the CSI Team is committed to the process of peer reviews and phased delivery where appropriate on required products thus ensuring complete and full performance with a product acceptable to customers.


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