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Privacy Policy
CSI is committed to protecting privacy. If you have any questions, you are encouraged to call our Human Resources Department at 240-895-0111.

General Information
We do our best to maintain CSI content and consistently update our web presence.   Information contained on the csi-inc.biz website is subject to change and we therefore imply no warranties with regard to our website information.  

Third Party Links

CSI does not claim endorsement, partnership or promotion of any link or reference that may be present on this website.  CSI does not assume responsibility for the content within a website that is linked from our corporate website. Though third party links may be deemed as affiliations to our company, we reserve the right to sever links to outside websites at any time for any reason.  We choose to post links that we deem relevant and necessary to our business intentions and industry pursuits. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of material contained in any websites to which we refer to or link.


The information displayed within the Careers areas of this website does not imply or guarantee any specific benefit, title, status or promise of employment and is subject to change. 

How to reach us

  Voice: 240-895-0111

  Fax: 240-895-0113

  Email: general@coalitionsolutions.com

Mailing Address

  Coalition Solutions Integrated
   23330 Cottonwood Parkway
   Suite 340
   California, MD 20619

Office Hours

  Monday - Friday

  8am to 5pm EST