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Welcome to CSI
Coalition Solutions Integrated, Inc. (CSI)
is a woman-owned small business providing outstanding support to our government and commercial clients. CSI has built a solid reputation of excellent, on-schedule, within budget innovative services and products. We are known for going above and beyond to resolve long standing challenges and barriers with creative and effective solutions by thinking outside the box, employing best practices and standards, applying the right resources the first time, and corporate dedication and commitment to ensure each of our clients’ success!

Sailors on Aircraft Carrier

President Carol Milan at the OfficeCSI has a strong reputation of providing Subject Matter Experts (SME) with executive-level experience, being flexible to customer needs and responsive to dynamic environments.
Our current logistics work and experience range from forging high-level visions and capstone-level requirements, developing and validating state-of-the-art enabling technologies, to direct logistics support to the front-line Warfighters.

CSI provides a variety of services including:

Program Management / Information Technology    
Logistics and Engineering
Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM)

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F-18 Breaking the sound barrier